Anyone who has a car, a truck or any type of vehicle may have crossed in their minds to paint the letters of their tires to make it look cooler and eye-catching when they are in the road.

However, not everyone is familiar with this artistic way to make your tire look great but worry no more, because there is a specific tool used to paint your tire’s letters. It is called the tire paint pen or tire paint marker which can be used to add some colors to your tires’ lettering but it needs some extra practice to smoothen out your calligraphic skills without any drawbacks because for beginners it is quite messy sometimes and you do not want your tire’s lettering look like a handwritten of a three-year-old toddler who just learned how to write.

Well, the drawbacks like what I mentioned above, the main drawback for tire paints is messy if your hands is not used to painting or calligraphy which could end up messing up your tire’s letters. Also, cleaning up the paint that smothered your clothes and hands is quite difficult to remove and not all of us have the ability to stay on the line of the letters which could affect the smooth lines of the tires’ letters.

However, new tire paint pens nowadays are easy to use and are designed to have smooth point that prevents any ink spills when you’re writing. Most of these tire paint pens are used to add design to your tire’s aftermarket letters and a lot of people are getting hooked up to this. One of the reasons that a lot of people paint the letters of their tires so that it will give more emphasis of the tire’s brand name and the type of tire used in the vehicle.

To prove to you that there’s nothing to worry about painting your tires with tire paint pens is that these can withstand under close scrutiny because of its permanent ink that will last and holds on to a rubber tire for a solid time and a more than a hundred miles of rolling.

In the automotive industry, there are several small companies that specialize on the aftermarkets of vehicles that develop and design a brand new innovative tire paint pen to give solution to people who love to paint their tires letters.

These brand new tire paint pen is designed to raise white tire letter inserts that are made of a patented and durable rubber composite compound mixed with a strong patented adhesive that creates a strong bond to the letters in a tire.

Before I wrap up this article, let me teach you some easy steps in making the most out of your tire paint pen and come up with clean and well-painted tires after reading this.

First things first, remove your tire from your car. Make sure your car is secured with a hydraulic or any support strong enough to carry its weight while you removed the wheels and tire from it. Second, clean the tire thoroughly and make sure that there’s not a bit of dirt is left so that the tire paint pen will not smudge or smear while applying it on the letters and it’s much better to use a tire cleaner especially at the areas of the letters. Shake your tire paint pen well so that any residues will mixed up very well and try testing it on a piece of paper to make sure there’s no over spillage of paint and if there’s a smooth lining of the pen’s tip. Once you’re ready to paint, start with the center first, and then outline it with extra care and accuracy with a fine tip pen. Make sure there’s no paint that’s out of the letter’s line and once you’re done with it, you can double coat it to make it brighter and bolder.