Top 2 Tier 9 Tanks in WOT

There is a common opinion that the tier 9 tanks are excellent and considered by experienced players as a well-balanced and fun to play with. So, if you plan to buy WOT account with a couple of top tanks, look for the tier 9 heavy champions that we’ll describe below.

There is at least a dozen of them that players are fond of, like M46 Patton, T50, AMX30, E50, T95, etc. We checked the fans voting so you wouldn’t have to and here is what we found out. The top 2 dominating and favorite tier 9 tanks that will win your heart!

If you want but any tank tier VII or VIII you can go at and choose favourite one. For example, you can find IS 6 in WOT accounts for low price.

1. ST-I – U.S.S.R. Heavy Tank

A fearless heavyweight that almost no tier 9 competitor can beat, while you can penetrate anything with AP. It has a reliable angled armor (impenetrable to most tier 8 guns), powerful gun with good depression, pretty high pen on HEAT rounds, impressive turret and satisfying accuracy. ST-I is good for ramming, hull-down and sidescraping.


  • 3,561,000 credits


  • 122 mm BL-9


  • V-12P


  • ST-I 250/160/160

The only drawback is its mobility that makes ST-I one of the slowest tier 9 heavies. Still, the tank is slow for a reason and in the close-range fight with it, you’d better get your own tank to safety as fast as you can. Also, ST-I can gain a surprising speed with a push from teammates. And the poor gun handling is combined with a devastating stock grind– that’s the fact. Aiming must be treated with care.

2. Conqueror – UK Heavy Tank

Here is a tank for all the way every day, no matter what. This fearsome British heavyweight has a totally incredible gun and the DPM is also the best in its line. Here is all you can wish for including excellent dispersion, cool gun handling, a solid turret with spaced armor, HESH for light-skinned vehicles, fast aim time and nice penetration. The mobility and agility are also on an acceptable level.


  • 3,600,000 credits


  • Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. IVC


  • L1A1


  • Conqueror Mk. II ABP

However, the Conqueror is also poor when it comes to speed and terrible if we’re speaking about general armor. In a nutshell, it’s a nice candidate for the role of supporter, capable of conquering its tier 9 counterparts.

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