With the introduction of Electronic Dart Boards, more and more people are becoming enthusiastic about playing the game. The sheer number of options has made it an obvious choice for enthusiasts to go for the electronic version. There are now so many discount options that the brands are offering on online sites such as gift cards and vouchers for other products. With each brand, the options change as well as the prices. The buyer can compare rates and his/her needs and go for the one that will be a joy to play.

Usually the games that can be played are up to 43; some brands have even upgraded it to 50 and there are some others which are as low as 38. The options also vary; they are in the range of 240 to 704 and lowest being 167. They are usually provided with five levels or stages of the game, some of them don’t have these pre-set levels. The display level is usually a two-person one, but some brands have the four people display as well. They are all made from thermoplastic material, which is very durable and can last with least amount of wear and tear. The standard darts provision are six but some of the boards provide twelve. The power supply can be external with the help of an adaptor or batteries or even both. The external supply chargers are sold separately. The brands also come forward to provide a year of warranty on their product.

The popular options of play


  • Cricket
  • 01
  • Single in/out
  • Double in/out
  • Double bull
  • Many others

The product is sold with all the details provided such as the product dimensions. Shipping weight if must be shipped from another country or region, which can be offshore or domestic. The seller will mention to the countries it may be able to ship the electronic dart boards. The warranty and support issues may change for other countries. Hence the terms and conditions must be read through thoroughly before purchase.

The built-in games make it so different from the regular wooden board dart games available in the market. There is never a need to worry about the wearing off the board as these are resistant boards made up good quality material. The damage to your walls is also prevented with the help of good quality plastic used. The darts are made of plastic so even if the dart is not present on the board the electronic board will make a register when the hit is made on the point of contact. It is up to the player whether to register it as a miss on carrying forward to their scorecard.

This dartboard is both useful to both professionals and amateurs to build up their game. The electronic version of the darts boards are also of two varieties such as the

  • Cabinet version
  • Standalone version

The electronic dart boards may be a little expensive to the bristle boards, but they offer a large number of variations with longer durability than most dart boards.