Will Fake urine for drug test Guarantee to Pass the Examination?

The phenomenon of using synthetic urine to pass drug tests is becoming significantly popular as of late. However, many people still question the authenticity of these products and its usefulness in making sure that drug examinations are as good as passed.

Fake pee, synthetic urine, artificial piss – these are but a few of the names of laboratory urine. No matter what you might call it, the product can effectively mimic all the chemical and visual properties of human urine. While its usefulness is highly regarded by many, it doesn’t mean that everyone likes the idea of using the product to pass the dreaded drug test.

 Usage of Fake urine for drug test.

 Albeit there are plenty of advancement in scientific and medical technology, most laboratory equipment still finds it hard-pressed to detect any difference between artificial piss and actual human urine. Many people around the globe have already successfully relied on artificial piss when they need to pass a drug examination. The product is easy to prepare, and it can get you out of a jam quickly.

Understanding the Laboratory Detection Process When Using Fake Urine for Drug Test

Medical practitioners will test a wide variety of details in the urine sample you give them. Albeit different laboratories employ the use of varying equipment, most of the lab gears try to search for common elements in pee samples, and these include sex hormones, overall health status, genetic data, and prescription medications. Furthermore, the standard urine drug test will also check for the pH, uric acid, excessive nitrates, specific gravity, temperature, creatine, urea, and glutaraldehyde levels found in the pee sample.

It’s more than what you know..

Synthetic urine is more than just a difference in color from standard human piss. It’s chemical structure, froth, and other characteristics are very near identical to human urine that many laboratory equipments have trouble discerning the fake product from the real deal. However, urine drug examiners should note that the temperature levels of the pee are tested within just a few minutes after lab experts receive the sample. Hence, make use of the accompanying heating pad included in the package of synthetic urine kits so that your test results won’t get compromised.

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